Oracle vs SAP: Bad news for us all?


Is it just me who thinks that Oracle’s latest spat with SAP is bad news for everyone in IT?

Is it “corporate theft on a grand scale,” as Oracle suggests or is it really just a just a culture clash between one organisation headed by the flamboyant Larry Ellison and another run by a bunch of conservative, reserved German businessmen?

Let’s face it; Larry is the sort of person that lands his private jet without proper clearance from the tower. Imagine going toe to toe with him in business.

We work in an industry with an image problem and the sight of two of the most powerful suppliers squaring up for a major legal brawl will only make it worse.

Ovum analyst David Mitchell is quite right to say that Oracle would do well to tell SAP’s enterprise users that they are not in the cross hairs, only their software provider?

But even so, what message does this confrontation send to the executives of the organisations that you work for? IT directors and IT managers spend millions of pounds on software from these companies; it surely doesn’t help the standing of the IT department to have suppliers behaving like this.

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