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OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), the world’s leading independent ad server for web publishers, today announced that the company has experienced significant growth across its various product lines and in the size of its publisher community. As of December 2008, more than 300 billion ad impressions now run through OpenX’s market leading, open source software monthly. In addition, the company’s recently launched OpenX Hosted (Hosted) product has already achieved a more than 1 billion monthly ad impression run rate and generated 2,500 new publisher sign-ups, while the newest version of its core OpenX Ad Server has more than 10,000 active downloads and has achieved a 25 billion monthly ad impression run rate. The company also announced that the OpenX community now has more than 35,000 total publishers, a 25% year-to-date increase, and those publishers power more than 150,000 websites across the Internet.

Since OpenX is rigorously GNU GPL, that's good news for free software, and provides further evidence that when the going gets tough, the tough go open. Certainly, trying out OpenX's solutions is a pretty low-risk move for publishers to make, particularly in the hosted form, which requires minimal outlay or even effort.

The other interesting aspect of this growth is that these figures *might* reflect a decision to avoid using Google, because of stuff like this:

Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Verizon and FedEx for the first time have made an annual ranking of the top 20 most trusted companies in the United States.

Google, however, dropped off the list, released today by the Ponemon Institute and TRUSTe in San Francisco, as did Countrywide Financial, Bank of America (which acquired Countrywide) and Weight Watchers.

Anyone out there who's opted recently to use OpenX – and willing to say why?

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