Breaks Records Everywhere


All around the world, it seems, people just can't get enough of this amazing free office suite, which is now turning in serious market shares in some countries.

Open source zone

Have you checked out CWUK's open source zone ?

For, example, according to this report, there are now 12 million users in Brazil, representing fully 25% of the entire office market there. Meanwhile, plucky little Italy has notched up 4 million downloads in the last 12 months (that's downloads, not users, but still impressive).

I wonder what the corresponding figures for the UK would be? Not nearly so good I suspect, judging by the fact that the UK lies well back in the placings for Firefox uptake, and open source in general.

I presume this is the toxic influence of the UK government, which historically has always had a rather too cosy relationship with Microsoft (arise, Sir William Gates III). Are you doing your bit?

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