Opening up Business Process Management


I wrote earlier this week about the increasing maturity of open source ERP solutions, and how this represented a fleshing out of the open source enterprise stack. An obvious question to ask is: what's going to be the next area of activity? One candidate is business process management (BPM).

I interviewed Ismael Ghalimi, founder of the BPM company Intalio earlier this year. And now here's another player in this market, Colosa:

ProcessMaker is commercial open source business process management (BPM) and workflow software. ProcessMaker includes easy-to-use tools to enable efficient and effective management of operational processes across systems. This allows business managers and process experts with no programming experience to model and automate everyday processes, increasing transparency and radically reducing paperwork.

It's always a good sign when more companies enter a sector, and generally an indication of healthy growth there. Colosa is also interesting from another point of view, since it has a development and support group in Bolivia, not a country that has figured much so far in free software. Given the huge potential for open source in South America, that, too, could be about to change.

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