Open Source Mobile Telephony Platforms Are Like Buses...

Share wait for ages, and then three turn up at once.

If Nokia's plan to open up Symbian is too far off in the future for you, you could always try OpenMoko:

Openmoko, creator of the first completely open mobile computing platform, today announced agreements with five distributors for the Neo Freerunner Open Source mobile phone. Today, Openmoko will begin shipping the next generation Neo Freerunner to Pulster, Golden Delicious Computers and TRIsoft located in Germany, Bearstech in France and IDA Systems based in India.


The new Openmoko Neo Freerunner phone will ship with a basic developer platform. Subsequent software can be downloaded from the Openmoko developer site. The Neo Freerunner comes to market after Openmoko shipped the highly successful Neo 1973 in 2007. Distributors will offer either the 850 MHz or 900 MHz models of the Neo Freerunner to accommodate telecommunications frequencies worldwide.

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