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A lot of FUD surrounds the use of open source in business (I wonder why that might be? - surely nobody could be spreading it intentionally....), especially in the UK, which remains woefully behind the rest of Europe in its uptake of free software. In an effort to combat that – and perhaps to drum up a little business – Sirius Corporation has launched a free advisory service:

One of Europe's best known Open Source consultancies, Sirius Corporation, is celebrating its tenth birthday by offering free business advice online. Launched in association with Linux User and Developer magazine, the new service will seek to dispel the remaining mysteries around how Open Source can be leveraged by enterprise users.

The objective for the new service, dubbed 'Open for Business', is to encourage more organisations to adopt an 'Open Source, Open Standards' policy in their procurement of technology. Sirius argues that this policy, already used by brands such as Specsavers, will become increasingly common as budgets are squeezed.

Readers of this blog probably won't need convincing, but the service might be useful for colleagues who are still sceptical about using this free software stuff in the enterprise.

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