Online groceries retailer Ocado cancels hundreds of orders due to warehouse ‘operational issues’

Ocado, which processes over 150,000 orders a week, claims to have the most automated grocery fulfilment centres in the world


Online groceries retailer Ocado, which this week announced it was opening a fourth distribution centre in London, has today cancelled hundreds of customers orders at the last minute due to problems in its warehouse.

Ocado claims to have the most automated grocery fulfilment centres in the world, based in the UK. The company processes 163,000 orders a week, according to its latest quarterly results.

On its official Twitter feed @Ocado at 1.56pm today, the company responded to a customer complaint over a cancelled delivery with: “It’s not because of the snow, we’ve had an operational issue within our warehouse. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

One customer posted a screenshot of a message received from Ocado today, which suggests to customers that they should re-book their delivery slots.

Around 800 orders are believed to have been affected.

An Ocado spokesperson said: "A minor fault at our Hatfield CFC caused issues for a small number of customers. The fault has been fixed and affected customers have been contacted."

In an interview with ComputerworldUK last year, Ocado’s CTO Paul Clarke said that when it comes to food, Ocado has more automation in its warehouses than even Amazon.

“There is nobody, as far as we know, anywhere in the world, with our level of automation when it comes to these grocery fulfilment centres. The two largest automated grocery fulfilment centres in the world, we own, here [in Hatfield] and in Dordon. There’s quite a big gap before you get to anyone else, including darkstores,” he said.

Image credit: Ocado

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