Not So Intuitive


Intuit is not a company that I write about, for the simple reason that it has no open source products that I am aware of. That makes this move of note:

This morning we are announcing a new open source community for developers interested in creating connected online applications for small businesses. The community, at, lets developers work with Intuit and each other to build better Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that solve important small business problems via the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP).

So let me get this straight: here we have a proprietary software company helping open source coders build software as a service applications. I can't help feeling that this is a rather feeble attempt to plug into the power of openness without really engaging with it. Maybe it's a toe in the water exercise, and we'll finally see Intuit release some code of its own, but don't hold your breath....

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