Norwegians Get the Blues


A little while back I noted a provocative call from IBM for standards bodies to do better – a clear reference to the ISO's handling of OOXML. Here are some other people who are clearly very unhappy with the same: 13 members of the Norwegian technical committee that actually took part in the process.

We, the undersigned, are ending our cooperation with Standard Norway.

It is the play when organizations should have our common interest aimed to fail the task. Through the work of OOXML Standard Norway has shown, with a clear margin, that they are not fit to represent Norway in the ISO.


We end our cooperation with Standard Norway because:

Standard administration has taken the option to emphasize 37 letter from Microsoft partners more than their own technical committee.

Standard process in Norway has been unpredictable and playing rules have been changed by the administration along the way.

SN and ISO have committed a series of violations of their own rules and other irregularities in the OOXML process.

This particular saga is only just beginning...

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