Newcastle-under-Lyme College streamlines Ofsted assessments with app

The North-Staffordshire college launched a system for staff to evaluate the effectiveness of their courses so they can improve performance and comply with Ofsted regulations.


The North-Staffordshire college can evaluate the effectiveness of their courses to improve performance and comply with Ofsted regulations thanks to new software.

The web-based application was developed to make the self-assessment process, which is key for Ofsted inspections, quicker and easier for staff and inspectors. It features a dashboard that provides graphs to view key performance indicators for teachers.

The college can identify and work on problems before the next academic year starts, as “intuitive reporting” displays a teacher’s predicted success rate before the results of exams.

Martin Lawrie, Head of Learning and Quality Systems from Newcastle-Under-Lyme College, said: “With ProSAR in place, we will have access to a centralised online system which is fully compliant with Ofsted criteria. This ensures there is only ever one ‘version of the truth’. Those completing self-assessments are also reassured that they are using centrally validated data to make better informed decisions based on the College Inspection Framework.”

Oftsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, requires all schools to complete an annual self-assemsment review.

The college had already digitised the self-assessment process in 2009, developing an in-house system to enable staff to move away from paper-based records and ensure data was stored in a uniform manner.

But it has now begun a partnership with Compass, who caters specifically for IT systems in education. Compass improved Newcastle-under-Lyme’s orginal application and has tailored it to be applicable for the wider education sector.

Lawrie added, “ProSAR will undoubtedly save us time by creating an easy and effective online process which eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Implementing the ProSAR system will help us to maintain and improve our success rates and will also be a vital contribution in preparing for future Ofsted inspections.”

The College also uses software to record and analyse lesson observations, to monitor of students’ progress and analyse College’s student retention and academic achievement.

Compass was acquired by Advanced Computer Software Group in February this year.

Ofsted recently announced that it has awarded a four year contract worth £1.6 million to London-based integrator CACI to deliver its new IT system to support social care inspections.

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