MPA gets Newzbin2 win: Now what, @EdVaizey?

 By Richi Jennings (@richi ). Hollywood's Motion Picture Association (MPA) has won its court case that demanded BT prevent access to Newzbin2, an index of allegedly-pirated content. The MPA -- not to be confused with the...


 By (@richi ).

Hollywood's Motion Picture Association (MPA) has won its court case that demanded BT prevent access to Newzbin2, an index of allegedly-pirated content. The MPA -- not to be confused with the MPAA -- asked the High Court to force BT to use its child-porn-blocking-proxies to also block the supposedly-piratical site.

  • On the one hand, it's a bit worrying that the so-called "voluntary" ISP child porn filters are getting into mission-creep.
  • On The Other Hand, if the film industry won't sell the product that consumers want to buy, is it any wonder that people become "pirates"?

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Carrie-Ann Skinner advises:
[T]he Motion Picture Association (MPA)...started legal action against [BT] last month in a bid to ensure [it] did not allow web users to access Newzbin 2 [which] offers links to other locations...where music, movies and other content can be illegally downloaded.
Justice Arnold...ruled that BT must use its own Cleanfeed technology, which is already used to block access to...child sex abuse images, to prevent access to Newzbin2. ... The ruling marks the first time an ISP has been ordered to block access to...illegal downloads. ... The MPA also said it is likely it will now request other ISPs to block the site. more.png

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Aunty Beeb adds:
The BBC spoke to one of Newzbin 2's administrators ahead of the verdict. He did not expect the judge to find in the website's favour. "In most legal systems the verdict goes to the man with the biggest pile of gold."
"Our users don't wish Cleanfeed to work and...we think it will be trivially breakable. We have the sand, and...we will pour it in Cleanfeed's engine oil. ... We don't think it will be confined to sites...accused of helping copyright infringement. ...[O]thers with a censorship agenda will use [it] to require blocking of 'hate speech', libel, anorexia sites, sexism or any other ism that is trendy." more.png

Loz Kaye is no friend of the MPA:
As ever, the way the...MPA sold the verdict was that it ensured the future development of new content. The...death of the film industry is hugely over-exaggerated. ... One of made about Newzbin2 was that it made about £1.40 from each user in a year. This is hardly enough to save an industry.
But the real question presented by [this] whether it is right and proportional. A worrying the new burden it places on internet service providers. ...[W]ho is to pay for this action to force blocking of websites? ... One of the ludicrous things about this ruling is how ineffective it is...[and it] leaves no doubt that property rights of creators trump those of human rights and free expression.
It is now Hollywood that is dictating our digital rights agenda, not parliament.  more.png

But Ed Vaizey, minister for Culture, Media, and Sport, tweets his support:
Interesting judgment in newzbin case, should make it easier for rights holders to prevent piracy.
newzbin judgment will help prevent 20% revenue theft from creative businesses. ... will benefit entire creative sector. ... will help protect investment in the content we all want to warch.
Harry Potter made millions for UK. Shld u pay to see or get 4 free? ... No one doubts industry has to change and adapt to digital age. ... .  more.png

Trust Mark Goodge to take Ed to task:
The typical Newzbin user is paying more...than the cost of a Lovefilm subscription. So why do it?
They want to be able to obtain movies in a format that suits them, not...the provider. They want to be able to download them...not have to be online in order to stream them (assuming...they’ve got enough bandwidth). ... They want...the same ownership and flexibility as buying DVDs. And they [don't] want...artificial geographic restrictions.
[I]t’s pretty clear that there’s a whole untapped market here for legitimate online purchase of movies. ... As long as the movie industry...carries on treating its (potential) customers as the enemy, that’s how it will stay.  more.png

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