Montgomery Furnishings lives again with IT outsourcing deal

Montgomery Furnishings has awarded a three-year IT outsourcing contract to Polymorph.


Montgomery Furnishings, which has concessions in Debenhams department stores, has awarded a three-year IT outsourcing contract to Polymorph.

Montgomery Furnishings came out of the ashes of of Montgomery Tomlinson, which went into administration.

Polymorph is responsible for running an IT service desk for all Montgomery Furnishings staff and managing the company’s websites.

Polymorph had originally won the contract with Montgomery Tomlinson – a family-owned company with 50 years’ experience in the custom-made curtains and soft furnishings business – in a competitive tender. The contractor was only two months into the contract when Montgomery Tomlinson entered administration.

Investment house a2e Venture Catalysts stepped in to acquire the assets and business in August, and Polymorph was invited to manage the IT function for the resultant new company Montgomery Furnishings.

Polymorph is also working with Montgomery Furnishings on new technology projects to improve customer experience in its department store concessions around the UK, including in Debenhams stores.

Amin Amiri, owner of Montogomery Furnishings, said: "Following the rescue and the creation of the newco it is great to have a company on board to provide the IT services that will help Montgomery Furnishing grow into a real success story.”

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