Modularity Gets Down to Business


Talking of modularity, here's a good example:

Optaros just published an Open Source RIA Frontend for Alfresco ECM, DoCASU 1.0 under GPL. This once again highlights some of the great advantages of Open Source software.

Open Source software has many advantages compared to proprietary alternatives. The fact that the source code is open might often not even be the most relevant driver. Often a much more relevant benefit of modern open source technologies is their componentized nature and the ability to access functions and services through open APIs (application programming interfaces). This allows to focus development efforts on what is most important for the usage of the application – the user interface – for example. With DoCASU 1.0, Optaros has developed and published a user interface framework for Alfresco deployments as an open source project. The project will help users assimilate Alfresco’s enterprise content management systems.

What's noteworthy here is that we have one company, Optaros, creating open source software to make the open source code of another company, Alfresco, work better. Again, this is a unique ability of free software, which both makes the code available, and adopts a licence designed to allow others to build upon it.

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