Mark My Words


One of the problems with using open source is that its resources are rich but very diffuse. The answer is probably out there, but finding it can be difficult, especially if it's in some mailing list. That's where MarkMail comes in handy:

Launched in November 2007, MarkMail is a community-focused searchable message archive service, accessible at MarkMail allows people to leverage the immense amount of collective knowledge accumulated over time through email discussions. Users can find technical information, research historical decision making, analyze and understand trends, and locate experts for a wide range of technical topics.

Its coverage is impressive:

Searching 724 lists and 5,997,276 messages. First list started in February 1995. There are 534 active lists, recently accumulating 1,789 messages per day.

It's not just useful, it's attractive: the basic interface consists of several windows, including lists of hits and a graph of number of hits indicating the flux of interest in a given search term. I find it an invaluable tool for checking things out in the open source world.

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