Life in the Green Zone


Green rhetoric is all the rage, but cutting through the verbiage surrounding the issue is almost as hard as delivering cost effective, environmentally sound IT.

Computerworld UK’s new Green Zone, is designed to help you do just that. We aim to keep you up to speed with all the important issues – compliance, best practice advice and case studies and news of green initiatives by the supplier community.

It is in no one’s interests for green computing to be a passing fad – a tick in the box for organisations on their CSR report, or a new sales gloss for vendors pushing still more products to an increasingly reluctant end user community.

Equally, the green computing message will fail unless it is tied to tangible business benefits for the organisation. These need not be crude ROI calculations, but they have to be concrete nonetheless.

It could simply be that given the choice, the best young IT talent would rather work for an organisation that can demonstrate its environmental credentials (and that pays well), rather than one that doesn’t understand the green agenda, doesn’t invest in energy efficiency and probably shows as much concern for its staff as it does for the environment…

All this and more will be highlighted in the Green Zone and in our new Green Monk blog over coming months

We hope that you find the Green Zone useful, that you contribute your success stories to it and alert us the issues that concern you. If there are topics you want us to take up or need help with let us know.

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