La Bell'Italia


Italy is famous for its glorious art, fine food, and friendly people; maybe we should add “enlightened uptake of open source” to that list. Here are two more data points:

In Sardinia:

The regional government of Sardinia, has approved a bill designed to promote the use of open-source software throughout the region, an official said Monday.


Article nine of the proposed new law says the region "promotes and uses solutions based on free software in order to contain and rationalize public spending, to favor the possibility of reuse and the interoperability of components produced by various suppliers making use of open protocols and formats."

It says the regional civil service must cite specific reasons justifying the choice of proprietary software over an open-source alternative. And the bill says companies bidding for public contracts can be given extra points in the tender process if their proposal makes use of open-source software.

Meanwhile, in southern Italy:

Naples municipality intend to adopt open source. Re-use of code seems a key motivator factor, as reported in the press release.

Now, if only the Neapolitans could just get rid of the analogue rubbish as easily they can the digital kind....

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