Kevin Rose quits CEO role at Digg

Kevin Rose, the interim CEO of Digg, has stepped down.


Kevin Rose, the interim CEO of Digg, has stepped down. Rose will be replaced by Matt Williams, an 11-year veteran of, will become the new CEO of the social news website. On The Digg Blog, Rose wrote: “I will still remain actively involved in the product, but am handing over the day-to-day running of the business to Matt.”

Rose, the founder and chief architect of Digg, took up the role of interim CEO when Jay Adelson resigned in April.

Prior to his appointment at Digg, Williams held a number of roles during his last 11 years at Amazon. His most recent role was general manager for consumer payments at the electronic commerce company. Williams was also founder and CEO of, which Amazon acquired in May 1999.

Williams will be heading up Digg’s new platform, which was launched last week. “The launch of version four was a big moment for Digg and I believe in the potential of this new platform,” said Williams, who added there was “so much innovation” yet to come.

Image courtesy of Brian Solis (CC)

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