Is the UK Government really set to shed 10,000 school ICT staff


Some claim huh? Unfortunately I am not 'kite-flying', or scaremongering or even falling prey to hyperbole (heaven forfend). No, I mean it.

I have been reading a lot of Agatha Christie recently as her books came free with The Times over the summer. Accordingly I will leave the denouement to the end of the narrative.

And, also like Poirot, I must say " 'ow could I been so blind, it is all so obvious"...I will let him handle this case.

The story starts with the strange problem of 'Educational Pricing'.

For example Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition retails at about £800 per instance but for schools it is less than £200. Microsoft Office Pro also is £270 to you and me but for students it's £35 and for schools upgrading it's only about a tenner a head?!

The lower the edu price Microsoft gives us the happier we are, as are the Government procurement wallahs.

Nothing wrong is there mon ami, n'est pas?

Oh yes there is.

Child's view

Education pricing has nothing to do with being 'nice to kiddies', or giving our youngsters a chance to experience the 'IT of the Work Place'. The work place uses all sorts of software, increasingly it's Open Source. It is certainly Open Source software if you work anywhere near web technologies. It is every thing to do with bribery.

From the manufacturer's point of view it's a loss-leader which just happens to have a big pay back for them when the students leave school with familiarity with their products. Some uncharitable people liken it to 'hooking' the young and vulnerable. This story is not a million miles away from putting soft drink vending machines into schools for free.

"So mes amis, it seems that the manufacturer's motives are not so innocent after all."

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