Is Microsoft really the biggest sales channel for Linux


More fun and games at the The Open Source Business Conference in the US with Microsoft claiming its sales team are now the biggest sales channel for Suse Linux and that the deal with Novell paved the way for giant corporations such as Microsoft as Wal-Mart to adopt open source. Instead of dampening down the patent controversy, this is set to stoke it further.

I’ve been surprised by the lack of comment about Symantec’s blunder which took out between millions or just thousands (depending on who you talk to) of PCs in China. Symantec are, of course, deeply embarrassed, but the issue should also sound the alarm for IT managers.

Suppliers are increasingly pushing out automated downloads – and end users are being urged by security experts and to install them automatically.

This can be essential – particularly in the face of zero day attacks – but it can also be dangerous. What happens if an automatic update cripples your database or your core servers? What roll back facilities do you have on your system?

Most important, who is responsible and who, ultimately, pays? Anyone know the answer?

On a lighter note, just remember if you are going to use a coffee shop’s wi-fi, best go in and something. We don’t want the fine on a poor guy in the US to set a precedent…

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