iPhone 5 & 4S revealed: 'Two more things' on October 4

By Richi Jennings (@richi ). The iPhone 5 release date is apparently October 4th -- as it is for the iPhone 4S, you'd think. That's the date chosen by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) to announce its new pomaceous shiny. We have this on the...


By (@richi ).

The iPhone 5 release date is apparently October 4th -- as it is for the iPhone 4S, you'd think. That's the date chosen by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) to announce its new pomaceous shiny. We have this on the (ahem) good authority of the Wall Street Journal's 'sources close to the situation.' Yes, it's the latest installment of the guessing game around the 'delayed' device.

  • On the one hand, why all this fuss over a mobile phone that's not very good at telephony?
  • On The Other Hand, it's been 16 months since the iPhone 4, and making Apple fanbois sweat is terribly serious business.

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John Paczkowski pokes fun at all the speculation:
While there have been a lot of conflicting reports about the exact timing of the event...sources said that the Oct. 4 date has been selected by the company to showcase the iPhone 5.
And while the iPhone 5 is a much-anticipated handset, the event itself...will be newly installed CEO Tim Cook’s first big product introduction. ... [T]he pressure will be on Cook to turn in a good performance at the event. more.png

Devindra Hardawar makes war, not love:
It’s clear why the iPhone 5 is a big deal, but the event will also mark the first major product announcement for...Tim Cook...[who] is expected to lead the iPhone 5 presentation himself. ... While Cook’s business savvy has been proven time and again, he will have to prove...if he can also fill Steve Jobs’ role as an Apple product evangelist.
Apple followers are used to having a single authoritative voice debut its flagship products. Cook can’t pass the buck...because it would...serve as a glaring reminder that things will never be the same again without Steve Jobs.  more.png

And Jonny Evans adds his two penn'orth:
The date makes sense because it is one of those time-honored " Apple Tuesdays". ... [It] seems pretty definitive, coming as it does from...the WSJ.
[It] will hit channel a few weeks later...suggesting an October 15 launch in the US with [other] markets getting access before the end of the month. more.png

But Philip Elmer-DeWitt thinks it could be sooner:
Ticonderoga's Brian White suggests that the...time between unveiling and release is likely to be considerably shorter...especially given how late in the year the iPhone 5 event is occurring.
White also believes that the international ramp-up...will be faster than it was for the iPhone 4.  more.png

Meanwhile, Woody Leonhard points out the oint in the flyment:
Samsung...sensing that what's good for the goose is also good for the gander...appears ready to sue Apple for patent violations on the iPhone 5. They quote a report in ... Korea's largest business newspaper...that says Samsung's going to file an injunction...seeking to ban sales of the iPhone 5 in Europe.
Samsung provides flash memory, DRAM, and the processor -- an estimated 26 percent of the pieces, by value -- of an iPhone 4. ... [My] crystal ball now says that Samsung will provide exactly zero percent of...the iPhone 5.  more.png

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