If Not EIF 2.0, Then What?


Here's an interesting follow-up to my Monday post about the leaked EIF document:

A press officer with the Delegation to the European Commission in Washington contacted Betanews this afternoon, stating that the press office could not attribute the document being circulated as "EIF 2.0" this week as an official European Commission document. It is therefore not a leaked version of EIF 2.0 as was suggested elsewhere; and it's extremely unlikely that the Commission is actively considering replacing its last draft of EIF 2.0, completed in July 2008, with the version that Betanews was able to trace to the Polish Ministry of the Interior.

Poland, eh? And what might that Polish document be?

A draft 2.0 of the EIF has been under discussion since 2007, and has been awaiting the Lisbon Treaty amendments before starting the process of formal ratification. Now, a document that purports to be a newly proposed draft of EIF 2.0, appearing for the first time a week ago Monday on the Web site of Poland's Internal Affairs Ministry, would actually strip those OSS references from the framework, in the interest of what it calls, among other things, "administrative simplification."


It would appear this document is actually a kind of "floater" or "dipstick" -- a test of alternative language just to ascertain the depths of public sentiment or apathy to a change in course. The Ministry does state the document was submitted by the European Commission; however, the document itself does not carry any EC authoritative marks. Betanews has been in contact with the Delegation of the European Commission in Washington today, in an effort to ascertain the origin of the document, and will report further as we hear more. One possibility is that the origin is a legitimate commissioner seeking public input on alternative language.

A dipstick, eh? Yes, I could go along with that. And certainly if it *is* from a “legitimate” commissioner (as opposed to an “illegitimate” one, I suppose), desirous of public input, then it obviously behooves to make our view felt as directly as possible. I think I've already done that in my previous post, but you may want to join in and express yours in emails, blogs and tweets – purely out of a sense of civic duty, you understand....

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