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As I mentioned when interviewing its CEO, Javier Soltero, Hyperic is one of the high-flyers in the world of enterprise open source, and it's well worth keeping an eye on its moves as an indication of some of the latest trends there. A case in point is this recent announcement of a major tie-up with Red Hat:

Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, and Hyperic Inc., a leading open source web infrastructure management software provider, today announced that a jointly developed management platform project, named RHQ, is officially live. Source code, under GPL open source license, project information and community forums are accessible at www.rhq-project.org. Additionally, Hyperic will join Red Hat Exchange (RHX), Red Hat's ISV program focused on offering customers integrated solutions.

The RHQ project is the result of an extension of the partnership between Red Hat and Hyperic, first announced in November, 2007. The RHQ project aims to develop a common services management platform that will be used in future versions of each company’s product offering. As a the next major milestone in this effort, the RHQ project will serve as the code base for JBoss Operations Network v2.0, due out in the Spring of 2008.


Lead by Red Hat and Hyperic, the RHQ project community will provide open collaboration on plug-ins, agent technology and other common capabilities of a management platform. Key features currently available include inventory and auto discovery, data collection, configuration management, control, event management, and sophisticated alerting and provisioning.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it represents a formal collaboration between major open source players. One of the criticisms of open source businesses is that they tend to act in isolation: Microsoft in particular has tried to exploit this by contrasting it with its own integrated stack.

But I was also struck by the fact that what RHQ seems to be seeking to create is close to the goals of the Open Management Consortium (OMC), which was founded in May 2006. So I asked Hyperic how its membership of the latter squared with the new RHQ, and this was the reply:

The RHQ project is completely independent of the OMC, and while the project certainly offers a standardization of common management services for Red Hat and Hyperic, it is not a unilateral project at this time.

While Hyperic is a founding member of the OMC, activity has been somewhat sparse over the past year for the organization as a whole. So while Hyperic remains a member and is actively keeping track of next steps with the potential common agent project being discussed, as of right now, Hyperic is putting more effort into making our product more compatible with those of Red Hat, MySQL, MuleSource, and all our OEM partners as well as integrating with other management vendors like OpenNMS than the OMC.

The integration with OpenNMS refers to another recent move of the hyperactive Hyperic:

Hyperic Inc., a leading open source web infrastructure management software provider, and OpenNMS, the world's first open source network management platform, today announced a partnership and product integration plans designed to provide modern, web-driven businesses with the industry's most complete open source management solution.

Never a dull moment in the open source systems management sector, it seems.

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