How the UK Government Can Save Billions on IT


So, the UK government wants to save a bit of dosh, apparently:

The government has said IT and back office efficiencies would help it save £5 billion over the next 12 months.


A large cost cutting drive in IT purchasing is key part of the plan, a spokesperson told Computerworld UK. "After consultation with the private sector, there is the suggestion that between 10 and 50 percent could be cut from IT procurement costs," he said, adding that the government spends around £7 billion annually on IT provision.

Well, let's see: ripping out Microsoft Office and putting on every civil servant's desk would save vast sums, and there's all those bloated copies of Windows soaking up PC power that could be replaced by zero-cost GNU/Linux. And then there's more of the same for the back office, Apache for the Web servers, etc., etc.

Easy, when you know how....

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