How to deploy and manage iOS and Mac in enterprise

Mobile device management may seem like a thankless task but IT administrators can improve how they manage iOS and Mac devices through Apple’s Device Enrolment Program.


Several years ago when bring your own device (BYOD) was still a growing phenomenon within businesses, Apple was already dominating the consumer market, particularly with its smartphones. The initial ‘wow’ factor still didn’t sway a number of businesses to believe that Apple would grow its presence in the enterprise arena.

But that has all changed and almost overnight. Employees now expect an option to use a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, or even perhaps an Apple TV within their workplace. These same employees are becoming accustomed to their devices of choice being supported by their company’s mobile device management (MDM) software.

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However, the management of all these devices is by no means easy. Often such software is a time-consuming and elaborate tool for IT administrators to get to grips with, and as such this goes against the concept of bringing easy-to-use Apple devices under the company’s management.

Mobile device management (MDM) has subsequently become a huge area of focus for CIOs and IT managers, and a number of tools have emerged on the market. And in recent times IT administrators have turned to Jamf Pro in a bid to streamline and simplify the process of deploying and managing Apple devices in the workplace.

Using Jamf Pro, IT admins can provide a self-service model which empowers the company’s employees to take charge of rolling out their own Apple devices. Crucially, this means that the admins can free up their own time to concentrate on more high-level, strategic tasks.

Jamf Pro supports Apple’s official Device Enrollment Program (DEP), and enables businesses to provision Macs, iPads, iPhones or Apple TVs with the software, applications and settings that they would like, and deploy each device seamlessly with the workflow of their choosing.  It is a “zero-touch” deployment, which ensures that IT admins spend less time ‘firefighting’ and more time helping the business, working on more strategic tasks.

As a best of breed Apple-only managed service provider, Jamf has been working hard to ensure that enterprises aren’t limited by the number of Apple devices that can be deployed, and that there aren’t any technical glitches between Macs within a Windows IT infrastructure. Perhaps most crucially, IT admins can be confident that their Apple ecosystem is secure.

And for some organisations the benefits of a managed service provider can extend to other key areas as New York-based transportation company Via found out.

 “Incorporating Jamf has really been life-changing and revolutionary for us in terms of our app update process,” said Monica Ceragioli, business operations principal at Via. “The ability to push out iterative updates has allowed us to tweak things much more quickly. We can get feedback from our driver partners quickly. And, we can understand how it’s impacting our service.”

To find out more come and hear from other IT administrators at the Jamf Nation Roadshow on 20th September 2017 at The British Museum in London. This free one-day event will provide you with the tools and resources you need to confidently tackle your biggest challenges in managing Apple devices.

You’ll hear from Jamf CEO Dean Hager, learn the basics of macOS and iOS management and how Jamf manages the Apple ecosystem differently to others. You’ll also hear from our employees and customers on more advanced technical issues, and hear all about Jamf Pro 10.0, our upcoming release.

To find out more, and to register, click here.

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