Hiring for the data centre: What you need to know

Lenovo servers display all the qualities of a top-tier data administrator.


Finding somebody - anybody - to get the job done in the data centre isn't exactly a walk in the park. Sometimes your server network will throw you curve balls and you kind of need someone who can hit them back. But fear not, we're here to help you find the right sluggers to join your team.

Organisational skills

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Server playing up? Is it hard-disk related, or a CPU issue? Who knows because Kevin is swimming in paperwork and missed phone calls - he can't recall anything. Come on Kevin, keep it together. We all know that human error remains one of the major causes of downtime. In fact, it was responsible for 49% of server outages in 2015/16, according to one report. A well-organised data centre manager, combined with quality hardware, can keep you protected against human muck-ups.


When problems arise, you can always try turning it off and on again, but a good data centre employee seeks out ways to prevent server issues before they happen. While we all enjoy drinking coffee and scanning Reddit for the next best cat pictures, proactive work ensures unplanned downtime never occurs.

Just ask Lenovo’s Servers, which use advanced predictive failure analysis to help prevent downtime before it hits.


Five-nines is the new four-nines and just like anything in IT, the shinier the better! Downtime can cost anywhere from thousands of dollars to millions, meaning data centre employees must be relied upon to be available and ready when crisis strikes – you want them on-site 99.999 per cent of the time, just like Lenovo Servers, which were just voted the most reliable x86 servers* in the industry for the third year in a row.


Yeah, yeah. IT server guys are social nerds. We've heard it all before. But the world has moved on from that 1980s movie cliché of IT professionals and communication has become a vital skill for any professional. Poor communication between the data centre and the rest of the business can create more drama than necessary, and can lead to longer downtime.

Data centre employees can also make more sense of server issues with Lenovo’s XClarity Resource Management Solution, which consolidates infrastructure management and increases agility through an easy-to-use interface.

Lenovo servers display all the qualities of a top-tier data administrator. Check out the video of Lenny, the Lenovo server in action! Or download our white paper on the elements of server reliability to learn more.

*ITIC 2015/16 survey, July 2015. Results based on System x servers.

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