High Time for HTML5 from YouTube: Please Vote


On Monday I mentioned how one of Mozilla's possible projects for the future could be supporting HTML5. Well, it looks like the momentum for that standard is beginning to grow.

As part of YouTube's imminent fifth anniversary, Google is carrying out some “spring cleaning”:

The excitement of the new decade and our upcoming fifth anniversary has the YouTube team itching to make the site experience better than ever before. We have all kinds of ideas about new things we could build and launch, but we are also taking some significant time in the coming months to do some early "spring cleaning" on the site design and user experience.

What will this mean to you? Well, it means you'll see some things about the site design evolving to be more consistent across the site. And some things that haven't worked as smoothly as we would have liked them to will get the attention they deserve. Lastly, we may determine that some things we tried out just didn't fly and remove them from the site.

We'll be using a number of inputs to build our "to do" list: usage data that shows the things you use the most versus things that very few people use; usability testing that can help us understand what's broken that needs fixing; and, last but not least, we'd like to hear from you directly...

What would you want to see fixed on the site? What would you remove completely, if you had your druthers? We'll use your feedback to help prioritize what we focus on, so we can all experience a cleaner, easier-to-use YouTube.

The good news is that there seems to be a lot of support for both HTML5 and open video formats, judging by this page. So if you agree with the call to “Support HTML5 open web video with open formats” you might like to add your vote there (you need to log in to Google to do so).

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