Has Google used open source to build a proprietary software empire?


Google’s search algorithms have long been a closely guarded secret, so it was interesting to read that there is now some partial opening up of their secret recipe.

I bet Google was not expecting the following acerbic comment from Rob Enderle , principal analyst at Enderle Group.

"I think the irony that what we've seen with Google is that as time goes on, even though it's positioned itself as the anti-Microsoft , it's kind of been reading out of Microsoft's playbook," Enderle said.

"In many ways, Google is much more proprietary than Microsoft is, and they actually used open source software to get there. So unlike Microsoft, which started off proprietary and has gradually been opening its stuff up, Google starts off getting other people's open stuff, turns it proprietary and then makes money off it. It kind of redefines 'pirate'.

“I think Google is feeling a little bit of the heat because people are starting to focus on that a bit."

An interesting take. Anyone agree?

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