Google: Just because I am paranoid....


I’m sure I am not alone in wondering if Google is overstepping the mark in its enthusiasm to collect our data and bounce back recommendations about how we should spend our lives?

I don’t think Google’s line that everything is permission based is good enough to stop a backlash by end users. And no matter how much we love Google’s search function, and no matter how many consumers may be tempted by Google’s calendar for mobiles function, once consumers get leery of your brand, you are in trouble.

With Google now attracting the attention of the European Commission over their data retention policies, it is time to tread very carefully.

It is not just Google that is rousing concern over this issue, the government’s data sharing initiatives have sparked another official warning from the Information Commissioner, who in the past has warned of the dangers of a “surveillance society”.

Collecting all this data also brings us back to the perennial question of whether it can be secured – and we all know the answer to that….

Finally, for those of you who enjoyed the domino PCs video last week, how about domino pool? Not much to do with IT, but who cares.

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