Google celebrates Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary in Streetview


It's the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon today, and Google is celebrating by putting a spaceman on earth.

Yes, you read that right, Google Streetview has switched its icon for a man to one of an astronaut. You can click and drag the icon and let our visiting moon-man take a 'giant leap' at such sights as Buckingham palace – as below.

Google Streetview celebrates Apollo 11

If you still have moon fever, check out wechoosethemoon, an immersive web experience that uses film, photos, Twitter feeds and archival audio recordings.

It plays them in a timeframe exactly coordinated with the live events 40 years ago to completely simulate the moon landing. We Choose the Moon, named after then US president Kennedy's phrase from his famous speech in September 1962, also works with a live transmission twitter feed at CAPCOM, which replicates the team from the Canaveral Space Centre talking to astronauts.

Nasa's Apollo 11 mission was a feat of human endeavour, where the determination of people led to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin becoming the first humans to set foot on the moon.

But it was also a pinnacle of technological achievement, with many of the break-through technologies created by scientists back then for the mission, still in use today. PC Advisor has a special look at the technologies inspired by the space mission.

UPDATE - Google has also launched Moon, an addition to its Google Earth mapping software that provides images of the landscape of the moon and traces of human exploration there.

Called the Moon in Google Earth, the software allows the user to see topographical features on our celestial neighbour, view a gallery of the Apollo space missions, including previously unreleased NASA video footage, and get information on every robotic spacecraft that has visited the moon.

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