Going Green?


Fujitsu last week released the results from a survey they commissioned that looks at how IT managers view their department’s carbon footprint.

It was interesting to see that the vast majority of these IT professionals believed that the carbon produced by service providers they use should be counted towards their own department’s carbon footprint.

Fujitsu seems to be taking the issue of green IT seriously and has recently invested £44 million in a low carbon footprint data centre. Infosys has also started building a new £154 million facility in India and is placing a great deal of focus on ensuring the facility is as green as possible.

The question is; how big a role does green IT play in supplier selection?

Although the focus on green has increased we will only see an industry wide change once the government implements legislation to make going green an obligation, with a green schedule in contracts and a green benchmark clause.

Rumour has it that HMG might have already started down this road, if so they have our support. Until then though, end users will only see green credentials as a value add rather than as a requirement.

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