GNOME Gets Stormy...


...Peters, that is:

The GNOME Foundation today announced the hiring of Stormy Peters as Executive Director. Stormy, a well-known industry analyst with extensive experience at Hewlett Packard and OpenLogic, will work on accelerating the adoption of GNOME and strengthening the Foundation by attracting new industry members and community contributors.

It's been interesting to watch the rise of this new class of open source role, that of executive director. Perhaps the best-known example is Mozilla's Mitch Baker, who is rumoured to be making very serious money in the role. And given Firefox's unstoppable rise, why not?

I've suggested elsewhere that other parts of the open source world could learn from the Firefox experience, and maybe the GNOME Foundation is hoping to emulate Mozilla by formally appointing someone to head it.

It's also noteworthy that Stormy is coming from the open source company OpenLogic. This suggests that there is now a healthy flow between the business and hacker side, which is a healthy sign. I wonder which free software group will be next to appoint their own Exec Direc?

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