Freeconomy: Fresh thinking or freaky?


It has naught to do with technology, but this story captured my imagination. Can we imagine a world without money? Freeconomy tries to do just that. Founder Saorishe describes the Freeconomy community as a skill-sharing free help website whose aim is to "reconnect people people to their local community and environment in preparation for a post peak oil (dare I say post booming economy) world".

Saorishe (pronounced Sear Shuh - Gaelic for 'freedom') is embarking on a unique journey - to travel 12,000km from Bristol, UK to Porbandar, India with no money and carrying nothing but his “faith in humanity and a small backpack”. Along the way he intends to offer his services and skills to strangers, and in turn rely on their hospitality for food and shelter.

His views that money is the root of all evil may be a little extreme for some. His argument is that as the world runs out of oil, money will become virtually worthless in the next ten years, so us humans need to adapt and evolve now. But his vision that we should look after the community more, and be less concerned with money, is a commendable one.

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