Flavour of the Month: Executive Director


As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, there's a new sheriff in Opensourceville: she/he is called Executive Director, and they're popping up everywhere. Here's what promises to the be the latest manifestation – and it's a biggie:

I’m thrilled to report that we’ve identified the person we believe should lead the Mozilla Foundation into a new stage of activity. That person is Mark Surman, the role is Mozilla Foundation Executive Director.

As chance would have it, I met up with Mark last week (thanks for the meal, BTW), and we talked a fair amount about Mozilla: so now I know why....

But irrespective of the meal (or being pumped about the Mozilla Foundation), I think this would be a good move for the Mozilla Foundation: Mark has buckets of experience on lots of open source-y stuff (he's currently “open philanthropy fellow” at the Shuttleworth Foundation - yes, that Shuttleworth), and has a blog called Commonspace (how cool is that?). And someone who chose to post a picture of himself in a beanie hat on said blog clearly has his heart in the right place....

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