Feel Free to Twitter


Although I don't Twitter myself – I find it hard enough to blog everything – I recognise the potential of this new medium. But as a freetard and proud of it, I've always wondered why there isn't an open source version. Now there is:

Montreal, Quebec-based Control Yourself, Inc. today launched Identi.ca, the open microblogging service. Users can post short messages about themselves to Identi.ca, which are then broadcast to friends in their social network using instant messages (IM), RSS feeds, and the Web.

Identi.ca is similar to existing microblogging sites such as Twitter, Jaiku, or Pownce. Unlike those services, Identi.ca’s underlying software is available under an Open Source license. Identi.ca is also the first service to support OpenMicroBlogging, a standard for exchanging short messages between microblogging sites. Identi.ca also makes public user data available under a Creative Commons license in standard formats.

First impressions from those better qualified than I am in this area are that Identi.ca is a bit rough at the edges (and maybe even in the middle, too). But that doesn't matter: now that we've got an open source platform to work with, people can muck in and make it better. Well, that's the theory: it will be interesting to see whether it applies in this case.

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