Facebook. Is the honeymoon over?


Apparently Facebook traffic has had a tiny decline during September, GigaOM points out. This has had internet watchers debating its value as buyers line up.

The Guardian's Kevin Anderson has compiled a list of bloggers whinging about Facebook. The closest to my own feelings about the platform is Dave Winder's take on it.

I mean, I understand why they want me to tell them everyone I know, but how about letting me download a copy to my computer, so I can back it up, use it on my iPhone or Blackberry, bequeath it to my heirs, write a book about it, or give a copy to Google or Netflix or Yahoo, or you get the idea.

It's not like email, which the real world equivalent is closes to a coffee and a conversation. Instead, Facebook is like a bigger and messier party, with a cacophony of noise and social activity, but nothing that you will remember the next day. I'm sick of the apps, and have found socially awkward behaviour and intolerant attitudes applies equally on Facebook. Do people like getting poked by strangers in the real world? I don't think so.

In the meantime, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are keen suitors interested in investing in - if not owning - the social networking site, while analysts debate on whether it is a hot investment or a grossly over-valued faddish phenomenon that will result in a massive hang over for the industry. Last drinks?

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