Digistanis of the World, Unite!


The Digital Standards Organization (Digistan) seeks:

to promote customer choice, vendor competition, and overall growth in the global digital economy through the understanding, development, and adoption of free and open digital standards ("open standards").
In concrete terms, we seek to:

1.Educate industry and government about the socioeconomic benefits of open standards;
2.Advocate legislative and regulatory backing for open standards;
3.Help standards developers produce high-quality open standards;
4.Helps standards authorities understand, qualify, and enforce open standards.
5.Defend the open standards community, small and large, against capture by vendors.
Digistan is active in, and welcomes active support, in these all areas.

If you're a Digistani, and care about open standards – and don't we all? – there's something concrete you can do about it: sign this e-petition to that nice Mr Brown:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to adopt the Hague Declaration of the Digital Standards Organisation.

And remember: you have nothing to lose but your (digital) chains....

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