Demystifying AI: how to match artificial intelligence to business needs

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Cut through all the noise surrounding AI to better understand if machine learning-enabled products can help your organisation achieve success


AI is the hot topic today. Just like the “Big Data” of yesteryear, it’s something most companies are just getting started with. To be fair, there are no standards around this and most of the customers are on their own regarding implementation. That’s why having a competent partner in your corner is a big advantage.

There are several issues that make or break a successful AI initiative. For one, the infrastructure used to run this can hide bottlenecks. The common alternative, the x86 processor has some limitations that could give you headaches down the road. IBM’s alternative, the Power9 box, handles data quite differently. The platform in built from the ground up to handle large data lakes effortlessly, and when it comes to GPU processing, the IBM architecture is playing in a league of its own. The NVlink used inside the servers makes data transfers much faster.

But let’s say you do select a platform. What OS do you need? What Deep Learning library is best for your needs? How do you cluster several boxes to accelerate the training of the model? How do you optimize the software for your hardware? Can you get support for any of this? It’s quite a tricky equation to balance. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. The right partner can provide not only the powerful hardware, but also the answer to all of the above.

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