Confused about eID cards and ID Cards? Don't Be


As if the hare-brained UK ID card scheme weren't bad enough, there's also the European eID to contend with. The interesting question is how, if at all, these two things will mesh, merge and generally muck each other up. Here's a brave blog post that tries to untie the Gordian (or should that be Gordon?) Knot:

An answer perhaps came from the Home Office, which told me last week that I was trying to compare apples and oranges. A Home Office spokesperson said that essentially eID Card schemes were used for government services, while the UK ID Cards scheme would be a "gold standard" for identity.

Uh? What does that mean? That the eID isn't an ID card? That the ID card won't be for government services? That eID won't be “gold standard”? Actually, what I think it means is this: that the UK Government doesn't give two hoots about eID cards, or even ID cards.

Yes, that's right: it doesn't care, because what it *really* cares about is the National Identity Register: yet another super-duper database that couldn't possible leak our personal details, and the one that will have all that yummy data about everybody - well, except for MPs, of course, because they're “special*, and above the law (which is why we need to reveal our expenses, but MPs don't think they should.)

So you can stop worrying about all this ID/eID card nonesense: it's irrelevant. Whether or not they're compatible, incompatible, or made respectively of matter and anti-matter, we can be sure of one thing: if the National Identity Register ever achieves its goals, we are well and truly stuffed.

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