ClamAV Gets a Supporters Club


It is in everyone's interest to make the anti-virus program they use better. One way to do that is to send any information you have about new viruses in the hope that everyone else will do the same. That's pretty much the way the whole of open sources works, with everyone adding their widow's mite to build up a huge fund held in common. So perhaps it's no surprise that the open source ClamAV is one of the best anti-virus programs out there.

Of course, being the best isn't quite enough for companies, who also need things like support. So it's good to see Sourcefire, the company that now owns ClamAV, adding precisely that:

Open source innovator and SNORT creator, Sourcefire, Inc., a leader in network intrusion prevention, today announced Certified ClamAV Support providing subscribers fast, expert response to technical inquiries. The company is also delivering two new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) modules, enabling ClamAV users to protect themselves against credit card and social security number loss or theft.

"ClamAV is one of the most respected open source security solutions in the world, and Sourcefire is now enabling organizations protecting critical assets to implement this leading technology with the confidence that it is backed by one of the strongest support organizations in the industry," said Martin Roesch, CTO and Founder of Sourcefire and Creator of Snort. "Many of our commercial customers and open source users are looking for solutions that can stop critical personal information from leaving their networks, but have been reluctant to invest in expensive, stand-alone technologies. By adding DLP capabilities to ClamAV, Sourcefire is providing the community with a trusted, innovative and commercially supported solution for protecting critical personal information against two of the leading forms of identity theft."

With its new support offering, Sourcefire is delivering the commercial responsiveness required to provide large organizations with the confidence needed to implement ClamAV for protecting their critical environments. Certified ClamAV Support subscribers will now receive the same level of expertise and rapid response that Sourcefire commercial customers enjoy today. This provides both business and government organizations with both peace of mind and the ability to satisfy procurement guidelines.

Open source antivirus program gets commercial twist

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