Christmas can be a lonely time for IT geeks


Despite the doom and gloom of the recession and the decline in spending, 2008 has not been a bad year for gadgets. Here are the three things that I think most IT professionals want to wake up to this Christmas.

Netbooks – Undoubtedly the success story of the year, netbooks are currently the fastest growing technology market sector, outselling even the indomitable iPhone. It's easy to see why they are popular with geeks, who already own a few PCs and laptops, but want something light and powerful enough to do basic work functions. Our sister publication PC Advisor has published a guide to the best five mini-laptops on the market, but my pick would be that a Acer Aspire One wings its merry way into the Christmas stocking. A Pink one please!

Digital video recorders – Small video recorders really came of age this year, thanks to the popularity of sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The Flip Mino is probably the most coveted, inexpensive and easy to use video player. Just hit record and then flip out the USB connection to upload, without the need for messy cables, digital video tapes or batteries as it's all inbuilt. Slick. Of course, you could justify the expense as a work tool by using them to create low cost training videos.

Friendship – Who can put a price on friendship? Even Scrooge gets lonely this time of year. Spare a thought for IT geeks, chat room moderators and system administrators this year, stuck behind PCs, with Dungeon Room Masters their only friend. Please donate your time generously through this website.

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