Changing Chandler


Remember Chandler? I thought not:

Chandler is an open source, standards-based calendar and task manager built around small group collaboration and a core set of information management workflows modeled on Inbox usage patterns. Users manage and share calendars, tasks, messages, and notes with the Chandler Desktop application and with the Chandler Hub web application.

Well, it's changing:

The next phase of the project is about growing the user base, building the community, and diversifying our funding sources. OSAF has been primarily funded by one person up to this point, Mitch Kapor. Our goal going forward is to modify our organization and our funding model to grow into a publicly supported community project, not propelled by one individual.

Chandler is a worthy project, and I wish it well. It's just that it seems strangely lacking in momentum. Maybe these changes will help get it moving.

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