CeBIT Opens Up


Years ago, when I was a real journalist, I used to dread going to CeBIT. Then, as now, it was an insanely large exhibition that only Euro anoraks could love, as they went round endless halls filled with printer cables and such-like, scribbling things excitedly in their catalogues.

I haven't been for years (hooray!), and I have no intention of going next year, even though – apparently – CeBIT has finally seen the light about this wacky new free software stuff:

CeBIT 2009, the largest global IT trade show opens March 3-8 in Hannover, Germany. For the first time Open Source becomes a central theme. Without these projects free software would be unthinkable, therefore not only will industries take part, but free projects will have the opportunity to share their work with the larger public. Linux Magazine, together with the conference organizer Deutsche Messe AG, is therefore seeking out projects that wish to present their work publicly at CeBIT Open Source.

It's great to see CeBIT opening up in this way, and offering further proof of the ineluctability of open source's triumph. But in some dark corner of my heart, I can't help wishing it were closing down instead....

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