Bye-bye US Business Method Patents?


IANAL, so you'll have to take this with a pinch of salt, but as far as can tell, this bodes well for moves to get business method patents chucked out in the US – with huge knock-on benefits for everyone else:

Bilski involves claims to a method of managing the risk of bad weather through commodities trading. The claims are not tied to any particular form of technology — thus, they do not require a computer or particular storage media. In some quarters, this process lacking a technological tie-in is termed a “mental method.”


Although we don’t have the text of the application yet, this case looks problematic because of serious obviousness problems and lack of specificity in the claims. Thus, the court will have no sympathy for Bilski — making this the perfect test case for someone wanting to strink Section 101 coverage and eliminate business method patents.

I presume that “to strink” is some obscure legal term.....

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