Big question of the day: Leonard Nimoy or not?


The National Archives Unwritten Records Blog has an interesting item today for fans of actor Leonard Nimoy.

It seems that in the course of researching a film Clear Skies, Clean Air(from 1971) research request, the blogger Audrey Amidon thought the narrator of the film sounded familiar – that of Nimoy who most of the world knew as Star Trek's Mr. Spock.

Nimoy, who passed away earlier this year, amongst his myriad talents was a well-known voice-over actor.

But the film and subsequent research turned up no record of the film’s narrator.

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From the blog post: “When I first listened, while prepping the film, I thought it sounded like “Standard 1970s Narrator Guy.” You may know him—he narrated educational films that were in use for decades. Upon a second listen, during the quality control process, I thought that, more specifically, the voiceover sounded like the narrator from In Search of…, that fantastic 1970s television program about mysteries like the possible existence of Big Foot and the lost Roanoke colony. Only while I was scanning the film did I remember that In Search of… was narrated by Leonard Nimoy. I admit I became a little obsessed with proving that Clear Skies, Clean Air was narrated by an uncredited Leonard Nimoy, asking colleagues and friends to chime in. I made the case to a few folks, but no one guessed Leonard Nimoy without my prompting….Do you think Clear Skies, Clean Air is Leonard Nimoy? For comparison, I’m including a clip from a Union Carbide training film Nimoy narrated in the late 1970s detailing events of a “future” day when carelessness in chemical handling led to multiple disasters. (The disasters were hypothetical, but the date became so ingrained in the minds of viewers that, when an actual chemical accident occurred in New Jersey on May 19, 1981, it appeared the film had prophesied it.)”

So the narrator remains a mystery. Personally I think it sounds like Nimoy but who knows. Take a listen:

</div></div></figure><p>You can <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">vote on the Archives site here</a>.</p><p>For other examples of Nimoy’s Narrative powers, check out the overraught Y2K video:</p><figure class="large"><div class="embed-wrapper"><div class="embed-container embed-youtube"> </div><div class="embed-container embed-youtube"><iframe src="" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"/></div><div class="embed-container embed-youtube"> </div><div class="embed-container embed-youtube"><strong>Check out these other hot stories:</strong></div><div class="embed-container embed-youtube"><p><a href="">DARPA: Current DDoS protection isn’t cutting it</a></p><p><a href="">The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2015 (so far!)</a></p><p><a href="">DARPA: What are the extreme challenges facing optics and imaging?</a></p> <div id="inArticleRelated-79DBCBC3-AACB-4512-9BB99DFA5B618ABC" class="related--in-article inArticleRelatedList inArticleRelatedList--2 inArticleRelated--dblmpu"> <div id="inArticleRelated" class="related__block"> <h3 class="crossHead"></h3> <ul class="related__list--in-article inArticleRelatedList related__list related__list--show-6" style="display:none;"></ul> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> require(['jquery', 'insertAd', 'jstorage'], function($, insertAd) { $(document).ready(function(){ var TOTAL_UNITS = 4; var EDITORIAL_UNITS = 4; var containerElId = 'inArticleRelated-79DBCBC3-AACB-4512-9BB99DFA5B618ABC'; var containerEl = $('#'+containerElId); var listEl = $('#'+containerElId+' ul'); var articles = [{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"DARPA: What are the extreme challenges facing optics and imaging?","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"DARPA: Current DDoS protection isn’t cutting it","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"Attention whitehats, The FTC wants you to lead new privacy, security push","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"Life in an online world","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"Cell-phone mishaps and mysteries from the masses","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"Google looks into a future with 3D tablets, interactive animation","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"Neil Young's Pono: A ghost in the music machine?","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"Cisco security chief: 4 things CISOs need to survive","link":"","imageLink":""},{"isSponsored":0,"trackingImageTag":"","headline":"France Considers Operating System-Level Filtering ","link":"","imageLink":""}];//editorial articles window.$geoLocationDef.done(function(){ var countryCode = $.jStorage.get('GEO_LOC_DATA').countryCode; EDITORIAL_UNITS = TOTAL_UNITS; var isPromoted = (TOTAL_UNITS) == 0;//is it promoted var title = isPromoted ? "Promoted" : 'Related'; containerEl.find('h3').text(title);//set the title //editorial units var articleIndex = 0 + 0; for(var i = 0; i < TOTAL_UNITS; ++i){ if(articles.length <= articleIndex){ if(true){ listEl.append('<li class="related__list-el related__list-el--empty"></li>'); continue; } break; } var article = articles[articleIndex]; var articleHtml = '' +'<a href="''">' + '<div><img src="'+article.imageLink+'" width="100"></div>'+article.headline +'</a>'; listEl.prepend('<li>'+articleHtml+'</li>'); articleIndex++; };//show unit }); }); }); </script> </div> <p><a href="">NASA touts real technologies highlighted in imminent 'The Martian' flick</a></p><p><a href="">DARPA wants low-power chips that handle high-impact applications</a></p><p><a href="">FAA: Pilots report record number of unmanned aircraft encounters</a></p><p><a href="">US Navy drone can fly, land on the water and swim</a></p><p><a href="">DARPA wants to transform vacuum electronics for superior communications, data transmissions</a></p></div></div></figure></section></article></p> <div id="inArticleRelated-3AA849F3-A26E-4A79-91DE7D6212C2FE5D" class="related--in-article inArticleRelatedList inArticleRelatedList--3 inArticleRelated--dblmpu"> <div id="inArticleRelated" class="related__block"> <h3 class="crossHead"></h3> <script> require(['jquery'], function($) { $(document).ready(function(){ $('#inArticleRelated-3AA849F3-A26E-4A79-91DE7D6212C2FE5D').find('h3').hide(); }); }); </script> <aside class="inBodyContent inBodyContent--left"> <div id="outbrain-BABCED1F-CE50-46DF-8F09CA630E247061" class="outbrain-widget"> <div class="OUTBRAIN" data-is-aysnc="false" data-src="" data-widget-id="AR_4" data-ob-template="B2BIDGUK"></div> </div> </aside> </div> </div>

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