Bett 2010 Day 2


Day two in the Bett House.

What a difference a day makes. Visitors a plenty arrive with the thaw and we did not pause for breath the entire day.

What to report? I think it was the sheer depth of knowledge about Open Source software many of our visitors showed that marked the day.

What did I think of Jolicloud, Xmonad, Jing and Sumo?

These FOSS apps are being used extensively in schools... do you know what they are?..I did not.oops

At first I felt a little embarrassed (this stuff is my job after all) then I relaxed. our ecosystem is so rich and so explosively diverse that all that one can do is celebrate this evolutionary flowering:

  • Jing? Awesome screen capture video for training
  • Xmonad? A better way of windowing multipane screens:try it.
  • Jolicoud? Fully GPl'd cloud app community for education
  • Sumo?..Photoshop on-line app

All are simply brilliant...

I'm feeling at the end of today that nothing is more stimulating than surfing the FOSS wave.

I wonder what Friday will bring?

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