Asus the Unstoppable Innovator?


Rewind a year, and the word “innovation” is hardly something you would have associated with Asus, fine though their products were. Now, it seems, after inventing the ultraportable sector with all that that implies for GNU/Linux, it just keeps coming out with really cool stuff. To wit:

Beyond its Eee PC family line and slew of regular notebooks on display at Computex, ASUS is showing off an interesting prototype. In the corner of its booth is a G1 laptop with a built-in projector. Sure we have all heard about the possiblity of mini-projectors being built into cell phones, but no other company has incorporated them into laptops as of yet.

Check out our video and first impressions.

I went hands-on with the laptop and think it could be awesome if it works as promised.

I can easily imagine scads of execs queuing up to buy this extremely convenient combo. But what about implementing this idea on an that *would* be awesome.

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