Apple Tablet event: The hype machine


The much-anticipated launch of the Apple Tablet is upon us, and it seems the hype machine has slipped into overdrive. Here are some of the more outrageous media reports on the internet.

Treehugger asks what Apple's Tablet will mean for society

"And what does a device like the Apple tablet say about where we are, and where we're headed, in sustainable design and conscience consumerism? As unfortunate as it feels to say this, Apple's device announcement is actually a big enough deal in America and internationally to warrant an inquiry into where we are in electronics and cradle-to-cradle living as a species."

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If all the anticipation has become too much for you, PocketLint suggests 10 surefire ways to avoid today’s launch, including: moving to Cuba, launching a better device and kidnapping Steve Jobs.

"A little more drastic this time and bit on the illegal side - either you or an associate could bundle the Cupertino head honcho into a transit van as he makes his way from the car park/Applecopter to the stage door of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. It might not stem the tide for long as Phill Schiller would be gathering himself together for the big launch, but it could certainly buy you some time and amusement as you make Steve use a Dell and force him to listen to the Windows startup chime on a Zune and repeat ad infinitum."

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And it seems these days a tech launch is always preceded by fake ‘leaked’ screenshots of the new device. It happened for Windows 7 and now the Apple Tablet has had the design treatment.

Dustin Curtis images seem so real, you could be forgiven for believing them.

Wired, however, sees through the ruse:

"The telltale signs are there. A bad, overly soft drop shadow (most obvious in the close-up), an off-looking reflection (the glowing Apple and the screen edge on the main shot) and the rather pale reflection of the MacBook keyboard in its own screen (again on the close-up.)"

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Meanwhile Patently Apple has published what it claims are Apple patents. The patents show a proximity-sensing multitouch screen, which leads Gizmodo to speculate that the patent is linked to today's announcement.

"The 13 patents include an Automatic Detection of Channel Bandwidth, Color Management System,
Apparatus and Method for Rotating the Display Orientation of a Captured image, a
Video Conferencing System, Interface for Providing Modeless Timeline Based Selection of an Audio or Video File, but none are quite as telling as the Proximity Detector for Tablets.

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Finally more Apple Tablet image mockups, care of nDevil on Flickr

Attribution: nDevil on Flickr

And Paddypower is offering odds on various names - iTablet 1/2; iPad 3/1; iSlate 3/1; iBook 12/1; iPage 33/1.

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