An outsourcing to the masses


Consumers consistently complain about their telephone banking or digital TV provider support being offshored. But they’re given this service so companies can charge them less. It’s amazing that consumers haven’t utilised the same process for personal gain. Just because businesses offshore to reduce costs doesn’t mean individuals can’t.

Why hire an expensive accountant to look after personal taxes? India is a highly educated nation providing outsourcing services to businesses globally and there are also individuals and smaller firms there that can provide outsourcing services.

Therefore, there’s nothing stopping someone from the UK sending their tax returns abroad at a much cheaper cost than if done onshore..

Companies like offer access to literally millions of freelancers in a range of industries across the world.

This includes graphic designers, kitchen designers, admin support, artists, video editors and so on. With such a large number of skilled people ready to supply a cheap effective service, individuals can also take full advantage of outsourcing.

This will become increasingly pertinent when sites such as expand their offerings further – at the moment the majority of companies are US and Canada based and therefore costs are not as low as could be hoped for. As these offerings are expanded – into places like India and China - the consumers will reap the cost and efficiency benefits.

The need for face-to-face contact is no longer a problem thanks to the many communication channels that exist. With communication via the internet making it not only cost effective but easy to stay in touch, there’s no reason why more people can’t offshore personal projects to save money and personal hassle.

It’s about time consumers stopped complaining and realised the benefits they too can achieve from the offshoring phenomenon.

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