Amazon brings more jobs to London with new 1,600 staff building

Amazon is opening a central London office this year that will house 1,600 new and existing employees.


Amazon is opening a central London office this year that will house 1,600 new and existing employees.

The newly built development at 60 Holborn Viaduct replaces Bath House, a former mixed-use development, designed in 1967, which had become an outmoded presence in an increasingly vibrant district of London.

Located on the main thoroughfare between the City and the West End, the new design creates an architectural focus on the Farringdon/Holborn axis, and is not far from the expanding Tech City where IT start-ups are continually springing up.

Opposite Smithfield Market, 60 Holborn Viaduct has 12 floors comprising a total of 210,000 sq. ft. The first phase of the building’s development is due for completion in September, and Amazon expects several hundred existing employees to move to the new office by the end of 2013. When fully complete the building will accommodate over 1,600 people.

“This new office location will provide the space we require for hundreds of our existing employees as well as many more that we will hire in the future,” said Christopher North, managing director of

He said: “Amazon has over 6,000 permanent employees in the UK and we will continue to create thousands of jobs in the coming years across the UK. We look forward to drawing from the capital’s strong pool of talent as we continue to innovate and enhance our service for the benefit of all our customers.”

Having already opened Amazon’s development centre in London last year, London mayor Boris Johnson welcomed the move. Johnson said: "This is excellent news for London’s continued growth as a leading global hub for tech talent.

"Whether a giant or an exciting new start-up, London is proving time and time again that we have the right places and people to support this vibrant sector."

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