Act Now on ACTA


Today is the last day for your MEPs to sign Written declaration ACTA 12/2010 (full background available from La Quadrature du Net.). To be precise, we have until 11am UK time to convince them to add their name to the list.

The best thing would be a phone call to your MEP (telephone numbers available here), but failing that, an email is better than nothing. I used La Quadrature du Net's list of signatories to find out who has not yet signed, and then the wonderful WriteToThem to, well, write to them. Here's what I've sent:

This is just a quick note to ask you to sign Written Declaration 12/2010. This is as much about transparency and respect for the European Parliament as it is about ACTA, and so I urge you to join the hundreds of your colleagues who have added their name.

Please send something, however minimal, just to jog their memories on this crucial issue.

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